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Major Developments

The following are major applications currently being considered by the Council.

Click on the application(s) you are interested in to get more information.

Reference number Received date (Valid) Site location Proposed development
H/2018/0002 11-01-2018 ENGLISH MARTYRS COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL CATCOTE ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS25 4HA Demolition of existing school buildings and redevelopment of the site to provide a replacement school building and playing pitches along with extended WC facilities, car parking, hard and soft landscaping and access arrangements
H/2017/0654 10-01-2018 THE MANOR HOUSE OWTON MANOR LANE HARTLEPOOL TS25 3PS Demolition of existing buildings and erection of residential development comprising 17 No. houses with associated parking
H/2017/0634 06-12-2017 LAND AT OAKESWAY BUSINESS PARK HARTLEPOOL Outline application for the development of up to 189 No. residential dwellings and up to 23,400 sqm of business (B1 b/c, B2, B8) uses
H/2017/0600 07-11-2017 LAND AT BRENDA ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS25 1HT Gas powered electricity generator plant to support National Grid and related infrastructure
H/2017/0566 25-10-2017 FORMER HEALTH CENTRE CAROLINE STREET HARTLEPOOL TS26 9LE Residential development comprising 18 No. dwellinghouses
H/2017/0486 13-09-2017 FORMER SCHOONER PH WARRIOR DRIVE HARTLEPOOL TS25 1EZ Outline application for the erection of apartment block (upto 8 No. apartments) with proposed boundary treatment and provision of detached single storey building for residents cycle and bin storage (AMENDED DESCRIPTION)
H/2017/0457 18-10-2017 THREE GATES FARM DALTON PIERCY ROAD DALTON PIERCY HARTLEPOOL TS27 3HW Demolition of existing farm buildings and erection of 3 new dwellings with associated internal access road, parking and landscaping
H/2017/0450 23-10-2017 16 Wellington Gardens Wynyard Park HARTLEPOOL TS22 5FY Approval of reserved matters of H/2015/0373 in respect of erection of 1 no. detached dwellinghouse with detached garage and associated access and landscaping.
H/2017/0441 27-11-2017 LAND WEST OF BRENDA ROAD HARTLEPOOL Change of use of land to form storage for heavy plant and machinery (use class B8), including access from Brenda Road, boundary fencing, access gates and associated hard standing/surfacing.
H/2017/0369 23-06-2017 WYNYARD VILLAGE EXTENSION (PHASE C) LAND TO THE SOUTH OF WYNYARD WOODS WYNYARD BILLINGHAM Application for approval of access, layout, scale, appearance and landscaping for the erection of 61 residential dwellings and associated infrastructure including SUDS (phase C) (NB only part of the access from Wynyard Woods is within the Borough of Hartlepool)
H/2017/0311 23-10-2017 LAND ADJACENT TO DEAN GROUP BUSINESS PARK FREDERICK HOUSE BRENDA ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS25 2BW Anaerobic biogas production unit and a combined heat and power (CHP) plant.
H/2017/0301 26-05-2017 LAND ADJACENT TO GLEBE FARM HART HARTLEPOOL TS27 3BE Residential development comprising the erection of 29 dwellings including associated access, landscaping, acoustic bund and sub-station (AMENDMENTS TO LAYOUT PLAN INCLUDING TO ROADS/PAVEMENTS AND POSITION OF PLOTS 1 AND 2)
H/2017/0261 14-07-2017 LAND TO THE SOUTH EAST OF POPPY CLOSE WYNYARD HARTLEPOOL Erection of up to 14 No. residential dwellings with associated landscaping, highways and infrastructure works
H/2017/0262 14-07-2017 LAND TO THE NORTH OF THE A689 WYNYARD HARTLEPOOL Landscape bund and associated engineering, landscaping and infrastructure works along the boundary of the A689 (semi retrospective)
H/2017/0150 03-05-2017 LAND TO THE NORTH OF A689 (THE LYNDHURST) WYNYARD PARK HARTLEPOOL Outline application for the erection of up to 13 no. residential dwellings (Use Class C3) with associated landscaping, highways and infrastructure works with all matters reserved
H/2017/0028 20-02-2017 GLEBE FARM PALACE ROW HART HARTLEPOOL TS27 3BE Outline application (all matters reserved) for residential development consisting of up to 13 no. dwellinghouses (demolition of existing buildings including bungalow)
H/2017/0054 07-02-2017 SOUTHBROOKE FARM SUMMERHILL LANE HARTLEPOOL Residential development comprising 14 detached properties including demolition of existing buildings and farmhouse
H/2017/0023 26-01-2017 133 RABY ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS24 8DT Change of use to form single shop and 12 no. studio flats

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