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Major Developments

The following are major applications currently being considered by the Council.

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Reference number Received date (Valid) Site location Proposed development
H/2019/0463 11-11-2019 LAND AT WORSET LANE HARTLEPOOL TS26 0JX Section 73 application for the variation of condition 18 (acoustic fence on the eastern boundary) of planning approval H/2018/0488 (outline planning application with some matters reserved for the erection of up to 8 no self-build residential plots together with associated access and landscaping works) to allow for the provision of an acoustic mound along the eastern boundary of the site (adjacent to Hart Lane).
H/2019/0457 05-11-2019 1-14 MEADOWCROFT MEWS ELWICK ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS26 0BQ Section 73 application for the variation of condition no. 15 and no. 17 of planning approval H/2014/0163 (for the erection of fourteen unit retirement village, access road, entrance and enclosure details) to allow for the provision of sheds within each plot and privacy screen/fencing between plots.
H/2019/0365 03-10-2019 LAND AT WYNYARD PARK NORTH WYNYARD HARTLEPOOL Residential development of 67 dwellings
H/2019/0352 19-08-2019 LAND AT QUARRY FARM ELWICK ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS26 0LH Approval of reserved matters of planning application H/2015/0528 for outline planning permission for up to 220 residential dwellings with associated access, all other matters reserved, relating to the development, appearance, landscaping, layout (including internal roads) and scale (AMENDED PLANS RECEIVED WITH RESPECT TO INTERNAL SITE LAYOUT, LANDSCAPING, BOUNDARY ENCLOSURES AND FOOTPATH CONNECTIONS).
H/2019/0348 09-08-2019 LAND AT NEWHOLM COURT AND LEALHOLM ROAD HARTLEPOOL Residential development comprising 31 No. two and three bedroomed residential properties with associated internal road layout and parking (resubmitted application)
H/2019/0346 13-08-2019 LAND AT BRIERTON LANE HARTLEPOOL Residential development comprising 81 No. affordable bungalows with associated parking, landscaping and access
H/2019/0319 14-08-2019 BIFFA MATERIALS RECYCLING FACILITY BRENDA ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS25 2BE Materials recycling facility and storage bays, compressor building, amended site layout including screening bunds and other landscaping (part retrospective)
H/2019/0275 01-10-2019 LAND TO THE SOUTH OF TOFTS ROAD WEST GRAYTHORP HARTLEPOOL Energy recovery (Energy from waste) facility and associated infrastructure
H/2019/0260 26-06-2019 LAND AT SEATON LANE HARTLEPOOL Residential development comprising 55 No. dwellings (AMENDED PLANS AND INFORMATION)
H/2019/0246 24-09-2019 LAND OFF CONISCLIFFE ROAD HARTLEPOOL Section 73 application for the variation of condition No. 1 of planning approval H/2018/0227 to allow for substitution of house types to plots 17, 24, 25, 26 and 29, alterations to approved house types, and amendments to private driveway layouts, garage positions, cul-de-sac turning head design and pumping station position, and associated works.
H/2019/0226 01-07-2019 LAND TO THE NORTH OF HARTLEPOOL ROAD (A689) WYNYARD PARK WYNYARD BILLINGHAM HARTLEPOOL Residential development comprising 243 houses including associated access, link road connection, infrastructure and open space
H/2018/0493 02-01-2019 FORMER BRITMAG LTD OLD CEMETERY ROAD HARTLEPOOL TS24 0BY Variation of condition No. 1 of planning application H/2014/0470 for reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for the erection of 373 No. dwellings within Phase 1 pursuant to H/2013/0573 dated 9 October 2014 (Sites A and B) in respect of the substitution of housetypes, minor amendments to the layout, and incorporation of 2 no. electrical substations.

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